The Greek Belly Dancer

Dimitra is a native of Greece, born in Athens, and fluent in both the English and Greek languages. Her affinity for performing and music led her to singing and dancing in American pop performances while in college. After taking a belly dance class, she was mesmerized by the beauty of the dance and how it connected to her Greek culture. She became intent on pursuing this art form through study with some of Chicago’s brightest stars.

Dimitra provides quality entertainment, seeking to infuse her Greek heritage into this ancient and beautiful dance form while showing her love of belly dance to her audiences. Dimitra has performed with Greek and Middle Eastern live bands in Chicago throughout a variety of venues. With a strong preference to dancing to traditional Greek music (called Tsifteteli), Dimitra is an authentic Greek belly dancer with a vast love and understanding of the music. Dimitra holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Arts Management with a concentration in Live and Performing Arts from Columbia College Chicago.